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Iron Orchid Designs

Learn about what inspired Iron Orchid Designs

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About Iron Orchid Designs

What are Iron Orchid Designs?

With Iron Orchid Designs, a brand of products that embody their vision and passion for beautiful design through DIY. Whether you want to breath fresh style into your life or you are looking for creative ways to transform your home, Iron Orchid is all about helping people express themselves with their brilliantly designed tools and products. 

What is the history behind Iron Orchid Design?

With a mom who dragged them to road side junk piles and hole in the wall thrift stores, Josie Celio and Sally Griswold were in love with all  things vintage and DIY, long before it was actually trendy.

Josie is happily married to her high school sweetheart and together, they have 6 beautiful children and a homestead with several farm animals. Sally lives with her husband, a pastor, their 5 lovely children and a chocolate lab named Beau. 

What does the term Iron Orchid symbolize?

The name "Iron Orchid" is symbolic of the essence of a woman, with the strength of Iron and the delicate vulnerability of an Orchid, The IOD  sisters believe women are uniquely created to create uniquely and they  aim to inspire, empower and encourage them to do just that. 

What do I get when I purchase an Iron Orchid Design?

Here at Rustic Resque we offer all three of Josie, and Sally's designs. Iron Orchid Design transfers, stamps, and moulds all which you can use in different ways to see your vision come to life!