Welding and Plasma Cutting Class

In this basic class you will learn how to cut metal with a plasma cutter and how to fuse metals together using a welder. You will go home with two completed projects - choosing between a butterfly, dragon fly, or lady bug for the plasma cutting and a screw dragon fly, spoon flower, or spoon handle flower for the welding. All items do require some welding.

This is one of our favorites!  With the help of our certified welder you will be able to make metal garden art using plasma cutting and welding  techniques.

15 people maximum per class.  Minimum age is 12 - all minors must be accompanied by an adult also taking the class. For health reasons those with pacemakers are not allowed near welding - they can however participate in the plasma cutting.

***We do ask that you wear long pants (preferably jeans), have covered feet (preferably  leather), and bring a long sleeve shirt/sweatshirt (preferably cotton) with you. 

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